Kindness Flag Project

Kindness. Contemplation. Creation. Connection.


A kind soul, whether in a body or without, always benefits the world in ways that are not easily recognizable.

Puddle Jumpers


This evening I lit 4 candles…

Last year in August, while doing the Kindness Flag Project at the Youth World Climbing Championships in Victoria, I met a wonderful woman named Meesha. She had that energy that just made you feel good around her – vibrant, spirited, strong, energetic, independent, cheerful. She was productive, a woman who had many irons in many fires. She had a small stand where she was selling things she had made. Her daughter helped her, had a similar personality and was really easy to talk to, and she was 11. Meesha also walked dogs, loved animals, hiked, catered, helped people happily and willingly where and when she could. She was unreserved, laughed easily, was passionate and a great story teller.

I took to her immediately.

Today, Meesha is no longer with us. She passed away suddenly and tragically on Feb. 13, 2014 saving her beloved dog. Her…

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