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Pollinating Actions

“It is in the heart of our activity that we search for our goal.” – Rabindranath Tagore.

What this means to me is, if you look very deeply you can see what your true motivation is for your actions. What is that motivation? Can you find a word that describes it, that labels it? Why are you motivated to do something, or seemingly not do it? Is it out of anger, frustration, desire, greed, righteous indignation, fear? Or is it out of spontaneous concern and love for others? Is it out of joy, love, compassion? Is it to transform a negative emotion into a positive one for the benefit of oneself and others?

Yesterday, my father-in-law showed me his pumpkin patch. Some of his pumpkins looked very funny, very strange. Some were elongated, others elongated with bulbous bottoms, some were the classic pumpkin shape. The reason for all these different shapes was because they had been planted close to other squashes and had cross pollinated. As a result, they had taken on the characteristics of various different squashes.

When we are rigorously honest with ourselves we can see what is motivating our activity at its core. We can see how it is resonating. When we approach our activities in a wholesome, loving manner our actions carry with them the pollen of joy and happiness, and gently, subtly, negative emotions take on the characteristics of positive emotions and so are transformed in that way.

Pollination can change an organism; it can also modify actions. It’s natural. It’s evolution. It is inescapable cause and effect.

Within as without.


One comment on “Pollinating Actions

  1. ingridandneil
    March 3, 2014

    Reblogged this on Puddle Jumpers and commented:
    What we do has far reaching consequences. Our actions are like pollen and we can’t really ever know how they can change or shape something very removed from us.

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