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“This is Such a Great Idea” – Day 3, YWCH 2013

There have been lots of people coming up to the little tent of creation at the YWCH, and over and over again I hear, “This is such a great idea!”

It’s interesting trying to trace back the origins of ideas, if that’s even possible.

Concerning this particular idea, that the Youth World Climbing Championships make flags to celebrate cooperation, kindness, climbing and art, and express ideas that are beneficial to oneself and others – encouraging messages – is thanks to a chance meeting between me and Kimanda, on the first day of the Kindness Flag Project in 2011.

Kimanda understood immediately what the project was about, and recognized its potential. She saw how the KF Project and climbing shared fundamental values. She made links and connections between the two, and contacted me. It really is a perfect fit. It was a great idea to put these two things together.

“This is such a great idea!” I should ask, “What is? The flag project, or linking the project with climbing? Or both?”

Today my young friends came back to paint some more.  Kyle, who made the first flag. Sarah, who is from Redmond, WA. Kaylee, whose Mom made another beautiful flag with her again. There are others. They love this. They love creating, thinking of beautiful things to paint or express. Things that make them happy, that they’d like to share with others. The young climbing competitors come with their teammates and laugh and talk and paint or draw.

The wind blows fabric around. We tack the squares onto tables. The artists are undeterred. Parents are drawn into the fold. They’re encouraged to create too. They’re shy, hesitant. But with some encouragement, they relax and draw too, their kids nudging them along. Roll reversals begin to take place as children slide into adulthood. An invisible transition is taking place, the parties involved completely unaware.

“This is such a great idea.”

Yes it is. It’s great that the KF project is here at the YWCH 2013, and it’s great that the Kindness Flag Project is touching so many again as it was originally intended.

Ideas are like seeds. They propagate when they’re carried off in the wind. And it’s been really windy these last few days at the YWCH 2013!







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