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Little Tent of Creation – Day 1, YWCH 2013

Today at the little tent of creation at the Youth World Climbing Championships in Victoria, BC, Canada, we had a mini United Nations painting, writing and drawing poignant images and thoughts on little squares of fabric that are slowly starting to animate the field behind Stelly’s Secondary School, where the championships are taking place.

Today was a day of qualifying rounds. By late morning, interest in creating a flag began to pick up as teams completed their rounds. By mid-day the little tent was a hive of activity, and by 3:30 there were 51 flags made. Not bad for a first day!

The goal is to make 500 flags, one for each competitor. Not only will they be strung throughout the site, but pictures of them will be put online, and then after the event is over, they’ll be made into a giant quilt and given to the school as a gift, a legacy of this wonderful occasion.

The first flag of the day was made by a very nice boy, Kyle, who’s seven years old and was visiting his grandma, with his family from Toronto. It’s a series of sea creatures he’s seen in the places he’s traveled to, Australia and Vancouver Island. Starfish, sharks, swordfish, jelly fish… an array of beautiful creatures who live in the sea. As he was drawing, he told his grandma and me stories of all the creatures he drew. It was a delightful start to a wonderful day!


Below is a picture of the tent as people started to trickle in.




A sweet little girl paints intently.



By the end of the day, most of the flags were moved from the tent to the site, spanning a goal post. The tent looks a bit bare in this picture with everything packed away. But it fills up when inspiration strikes a lot of people at once!


Today’s flags spanning the goal post.

IMG_2477 IMG_2476

And so concludes a wonderful day filled with amazingly dedicated youth, many, many nice people, a two volunteers who were heaven sent and a complete joy to work with, and many, many wonderful stories!

More tomorrow!


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