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World Youth Climbing Championships and Climbers Connected through Kindness flag project

Yesterday, I arrived in plenty of time for the Youth World Climbing Championships, 2013 in Victoria, BC, Canada at Boulders Climbing Gym. I was asked to arrive before 4pm. I arrived at 3:30…. a day early!

It worked out just fine, though. I met some very nice and inspiring people, learned about the amazing cooperation, dedication and passion the climbing community has, had dinner with a friend, and the organizer of the event, Kimanda, took care of my accommodation woes and booked me a room for an extra night. So nice! I’m looking forward to setting up the flag project today and to the Opening Ceremonies tonight.

The flag making is the main public activity on site – a public art project that highlights the ties between art and sport as necessary human expressions of connection. We’re asking people what climbing means to them. How does climbing and kindness connect? We’re hoping to have at least 700 flags made by Monday.

That’s 700 linear feet of flags (213 meters)! Enough to snake through most of the village, connecting the tents with messages of kindness, cooperation and climbing! FUN!!

Then Kimanda is planning to have the flags sewn into a giant quilt which will be a legacy project Boulders Gym will give the school.

Below is a picture of the newest addition to Boulders Climbing Gym. It’s a part of Stelly’s Secondary School, and host to the Youth World Climbing Championships, 2013.


Here’s the flag project stuff, dropped off and waiting to be set up, looking a bit lonely. The hope is to have flags snaking through the whole village by Monday! If you’re in the Victoria area, come by, learn about climbing and visit me! I’d love to see you!


Two of the many people I met on Wednesday. They are key members of the international climbing community and very inspiring. Sheila McCarron lives in France and is here to MC the proceedings. John Ellison is here from England. See his shirt? He started an organization called Climbers Against Cancer, and since its inception in January of this year he’s raised almost $200,000 CDN$, and has donated it to various cancer agencies throughout the world.

This weekend he will be making a donation to the BC Cancer Foundation.

What’s especially amazing about this man is that he has cancer. He was told by his doctors that he should have stayed home and enter hospice care, but he told them to forget it, hopped on a plane to Canada, and here he is, driven by his passion, love, spirit and will! We had a super fun and interesting talk about climbing, something I know nothing about.


This community is incredible. I’m feeling inspired and humbled.

Stay tuned for more! ‪#‎wych2013‬


2 comments on “World Youth Climbing Championships and Climbers Connected through Kindness flag project

  1. Eva
    August 15, 2013

    Thank you for your contribution and participation to the world in the form of The Kindness Flag Project. We are in turn inspired. We are proud to be related to you Ingrid and indirectly to the enlightened persons you have mentioned. May the Project continue to be blessed. Love Eva and Isabell.

  2. Kindness Flag Project
    September 23, 2013

    Thank you, Eva! My hope is that one day you, Isabell, Rachel and Stephie can do it with me, and meet the kind, passionate, generous people that are drawn to the project. Love, Ingrid.

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