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Climbers Connected through Kindness

Hello all! Happy Summer!

This little project lives on.

Exciting news! I’m going to be helping a wonderful woman, Kimanda, whom I call the Lady of Firsts, for a week in August. She was the first person to make a flag for the KF Project, the first person to put a sticky-note on the police car after the riot, and the first person to donate some money to me and my wonderful ad hoc team so we could continue the KF project for several days!

Kimanda is organizing the World Youth Climbing Championships in Victoria August 15-19, and she’s asked me to do a version of the KF Project in their market place. We’re anticipating around 500 flags will be made, and then they’ll be sewn into a quilt! I’ll be taking pictures of the flags and posting them online – those details still need to be worked out.

The theme of the flags will be Climbers Connected through Kindness. Kimanda explained to me the high level of cooperation climbers have – they help each other consider the best routes and how to achieve their goals, even between competitors. They also have to be very aware of each other at all times, connected by ropes and caring for each other. The metaphors between the flag project and climbing couldn’t be better!

It’s wonderful to experience another evolutionary metamorphosis of the project, done on its own time, on its own merit. Connecting people, place and memory.

So looking forward to the WYCC Aug. 15-19!

Thank you Kimanda for making the world a brighter place!


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